p38 Range Rover

4.6 V8 Range Rover, needed an engine swap this one, running sweet now!!










Audi Q7 gets a remap

Audi Q7 gets a remap.

4.2 Turbo Diesel

See Below comments from Peter at Bluefin/Superchips on the feedback and gains we get from a remap on the Q7.

116NM gain is impressive

Sample pic as we did our Q7 out of town


We do alot of Audi Q7 4.2V8s as they respond so well to being Superchipped. You will get alot better throttle response, low down and midrange torque and the car will pull all the way to the red line. Many owners report anything up to 10% saving on fuel as well, due to the fact there is less gear changing. And the annoying lag that they have at low revs also disappears. With the 4.2V8 Q7 the gains are as follows;

Audi Q7 4.2 V8 TDI (340PS)

6/2009 onwards

Engine type : Turbo-Diesel

Engine size : 4134 cm3

Cylinders : 8

Original bhp : 335 (252kW)

Original nm : 760

BHP increase : 45 (34kW)

NM gain : 116

Speed Limit Removal : Not Available


Audi RS6 V10 Service work

Audi RS6 for Service this week, a few filters going in


Lotus Excel twin cam

Old School

Twin Cam

Twin Carb


Ford Cortina engine in the shop got some heavy modifications/ 1600 Kent Xflow

1969 MK2 GT Cortina

Some major work done here, including stage 3 head out of England, Steel rods and cosworth Pistons, Nissan steel crank and flywheel, Twin 42 DCOE webers, roller rockers, 244 Kent cam, Ceramic HPC headers, etc etc


Some nice internals here, Nissan steel crank, Steel rods, Steel main caps, balanced bottom end




Ford Fiesta upgrades, Larger Intercooler going in here…

Ford Fiesta

Some Performance upgrades happening today, Sports exhaust and larger intercooler going in… This cars also getting a stage 2 remap.

Very very quick little car…


Shiny and new!


Very nice AMG in this week, already looking forward to seeing it back….

Very nice AMG in this week, already looking forward to seeing it back….






AMG = Some serious power here


Audi RS4 Power-plant

Audi RS4 V8, we’ve remapped a couple of these, great throttle response gains…


BMW 535 Twin Turbo, Very nice…..

BMW 535 Twin Turbo, Very nice…..

Stunning car and great power


Ford Cortina MkII out for a run

This is my ‘toy’. Got a small run today. Some jobs to tick off over winter to have it ready for some summer fun…