Golf Gt to be part of the fleet

This came through needing some repairs and the customer had already replaced with a new car. so we decided we might take it on and retire one of the three BMW’s that have been servicing Wellington customers for over 4 1/2 years.  Very tidy Golf GT done super low KM’s. Will be TOY005 on the fleet, looking forward to having it running around…

It does have a leaking water-pump, so first job is water-pump and cam-belt, update the service, EGR valve needed and a saggy roof liner to be repaired.

We bought plates along time ago so time to print ‘TOY005’ for this one, MK5 and 005, was meant to be.

Some obvious work is the headlights have gone all cloudy.  We get our friend Chris in from Final Touch to work his magic on these ,gets a great outcome and a great warranty as well…

How’s that comparison?!  Money well spent


Head line ris a bit tired too, so that’s come out for some new fabric…

Above, failed roof liner, below, re-covered and ready to go in….

Fixed the failed water pump that was pouring water out, just to find a very minor leak at the radiator..(  New radiator going in/ car is service position.

Courtesy car getting a spruce up today

One of our 3 BMW courtesy cars has been out and about and hardly seen onsite so today it got a complete cleanout and tidy up ready for more customers to continue to enjoy.


One week later and TOY001 gets some attention… Maybe next weekend we will have TOY002 back..

Courtesy car meets Raetihi

More touring in one of the little BMW’s this weekend, what a pleasure they are, Whanganui, Raetihi, Taupo.. Was a great run for it…



Courtesy cars

One of our Three dedicated Courtesy cars taking a trip through Kapiti


Touring courtesy car

In Ohakune enjoying some sunny Sunday driving!!


2016 Wish-list Audi TT and Land Rover Discovery 3

2016 Wish-list

Coming up to our 3rd year anniversary as the new owners in Wellington and we are looking to upgrade/add on to our courtesy cars.  With a view to up-spec an already very cool car to showcase some of the things we like to do and certainly the types of cars we enjoy seeing through the workshop.  Its a tough decision to know what that car might be and we still aren’t sold on this one yet, however it is a great looking car that is well appointed from the factory, the 2.0 TFSI engine poking out 200 Hp with a DSG S-Tronic gearbox behind it, driving power to 4 wheels, I’m excited.

This pics represents one that’s already been modded, so you get the idea of where this is heading..  We don’t have an unlimited budget, so want to have something that’s reasonably priced from the start, and for an additional $4-5000 can be turned into something very exciting… Is the TT it??

What we might get that’s suits the budget could be:  Remap, miltek exhaust and intake mods, some wrapping, some tinting and some lowering, all of which will be done on site…



Our other project is to retire our old P38 Range rover to a new home and get into a later Land Rover Discovery 2.7TD.  We see this as a great promotional vehicle for our Bluefin/Superchips product as a demonstrator, with a stage 1 tune boasting an additional 100NM of torque, as well as up to 10% in fuel saving when driven for economy.  Also looking to deck out with Rhino-Rack gear so we have it available to show off and demo as needed.  We love our old P38 Range Rover but I think its time to upgrade…, again, is this the vehicle we go for, nothing is set in stone, that’s why its a ‘wish list’.


ToyShopWellington Manfeild Playday

Manfeild Racing.

So I’ve been invited along to a ‘playday’ track day by one of our good customers so thought I would put one of our courtesy cars on the track…

Our suppliers were nice enough to donate some high temp brake fluid for the track so I thought we would add some more stickers for the weekend.

#racecar …haha


325 Automatic race machine… Only just run in with 210,000kms






Graham and I on track doing some hot laps, what a great day!!! Had guys asking what was done to the car, response…”it got 98 at BP”…  Haha, courtesy car racing!!


Documentation happening, followed by a drivers briefing.




V10 Audi there, running in one of the other groups, very nice


A real mixture of cars, wish I had taken some more pics….


End of the day and no damage, opted out of the last run as the rain started coming down

Rhino-Rack bike rack Wellington

Rhino-Rack getting a trial run out with our customer today.  Great pic, thanks for sending it in!!!


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You may have seen these running around wellington, we have 3 of these BMW’s as Courtesy Cars, available by appointment, or working in the city we can offer a drop off, or make use of the bus stop 3minutes walk away.  For those short waiting jobs there’s a great coffee shop just over the road…



Courtesy car spotted up Mount Ruapehu

Trying out the new Ski Racks up Mount Ruapehu., Enjoying the great outdoors.

Courtesy cars by appointment