Mechatronic VW Transmission repairs

Towed in with no drive, diagnosed with a failed Mechatronic unit in the transmission.  Customer very happy to have a mechanical Warranty as these parts are complex and don’t come cheap.  Our supplier sent this out pre-programmed.  Still required the use of our Ross-Tech to do a relearn and set adaptations etc.

Above, the new unit fresh out of the wrapper

Old and the new, matching up and using special tools to get the gear selection correct before fitting new ‘Mechatronic’.

Transmission with the Mechatronic unit removed…..

Courtesy car getting a spruce up today

One of our 3 BMW courtesy cars has been out and about and hardly seen onsite so today it got a complete cleanout and tidy up ready for more customers to continue to enjoy.


One week later and TOY001 gets some attention… Maybe next weekend we will have TOY002 back..

ProjectGreen Series 3 Land Rover ’88’ 1973

We shall call this ProjectGreen.

1973 Land Rover Series 3, seen better days.  Its had the Holden Conversion, however looking to get this back to a factory set up, owners hunting for a factory 4 cylinder Landy motor.  Body wise, likely going to a more modern colour that will pay tribute to Land Rover heritage. Interior, well maybe  a comfy seat!!!!   All subject to whats found when the bodyworks lifted off……


So I was given this truck as a donation and have taken it on as a private project of my own.. (big brother had one when I was maybe 11 and I still remember being allowed to steer it around the streets of Raetihi).   Cant help but talk about it so thought why not blog about it as there has been keen interest.  Its not a Toy Shop Wellington job, but will be getting some attention in a back corner somewhere from time to time…  (If I ever get time).

Big news is this Series 3 is in need of extensive rust repairs in all the common places, including but not limited too the bulk head.  Search for a bulkhead through some like minded friends turned up nothing.  However during the search I was referred to a FB site and found a Series 2a that’s been in a barn for 8 years, lets call it ‘Little Blue’.  Some negotiation has resulted in I now own a Series 2a, and as luck would have it, they have a series 3 Bulk head which keeps project green alive as well.  Some wheel and tyres also came up that’s just could not be passed up, odd to buy the tyres at the start of a build but the deal was just too good.

Scroll down to see the latest pics… ‘Little Blue’, still in the deep South but not for long….


Little blue has arrived, and ive been busy knocking out walls and doing some reno to make room for it.  Not a lot will happen now aside from rebuilding the workspace.  Will save working on the Landy for winter.









*Above  Jury’s out, can it be salvaged??!!

*Above   “I’ve been driving these things since I was this tall!!”


Looks like a couple of beers involved here in the negotiation stages…..


‘Little Blue’ sunlight for the first time in 8 years..  If the plates read true, its a 1968 LandRover 88.

Coming up on 50 years old I think its in pretty good shape, door hinges to get the doors back to their correct position and the body doesn’t appear out of order at all….






Little blue has arrived, and I’ve been busy knocking out walls and doing some reno to make room for it.  Not a lot will happen now aside from rebuilding the workspace.  Will save working on the Landy for winter.











Mini Toy, and Toy Mini Bike

So we had a visitor over the weekend in his new Toy, his new mini.  but then he pulled out this awesome foldaway push bike…(his other toy).  I think we need courtesy bikes!!!!

Its a surprisingly good ride….

Optional tool kit, I’m told this kit is all you need to completely strip down this bike….. so cool, just a tad smaller than the tool kits we use.


Winter work shop upgrades

So we’ve had a few lights go out over the summer, great excuse for some upgrades, these new LED’s are insane.  We might need a dimmer!!!!!

German oils for you car.

LiquiMoly Oils used for all of your servicing requirements..

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Isn‘t it time YOU discover LIQUI MOLY?

Scan Tool from Choice and Solutions

Another little scan tool for the office, hopefully will come in handy with some of the less mainstream cars, service resets etc.

Autosure is paying the bills on these ones

Some costly repairs going on here, failed turbo means body off on a Discovery 4.  Front ones just had a front wheel bearing…

Tesla Model S in for a visit..

Even electric cars get stones caught in the brakes, great to see this is the shop. Lucky enough to have a run in it, Super smooth, quiet, and that power/acceleration is just outrageous




So, that’s a screen for sure!!!


Not a lot to see under here., doing WOF’s will be interesting, unable to see anything here…..


Stage 2 Tune, Mk 7 Golf

The target is 336-340HP and 400+ FT of torque.  Tune mods include a Stage 2 remap, full Miltek exhaust (decat system), cold air intake, and upgraded blow off valve…  Other work includes a full set of mags and tyres, carbon rear lip and mirrors. This car will be a huge amount of fun!!

Lets get started!!!




Above and below showing the difference in the intake systems

New system in, tailpipes look amazing, much larger than the standard.

Old verse new, catalytic converter delete, and larger diameter outlet.

There is a turbo up in there somewhere!!!!